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FAQs: Maryland Auto Insurance Fund

Getting covered with auto insurance can be confusing. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund wants to make it easy. We answer some commonly asked questions about auto insurance in Maryland. After reading the FAQs, you may still have questions about your insurance, feel free to contact a Maryland Auto Insurance Fund provider for all the answers to your auto insurance questions. MAIF has you covered, no matter what!


Is Maryland Auto Insurance an insurance company?
No, Maryland Auto Insurance is an independent Maryland state provider that issues and underwrites auto liability insurance for Maryland drivers who cannot obtain auto insurance on the private market.

What are the eligibility requirements for Maryland Auto Insurance?
You must be:

  • Unable to obtain Maryland car insurance on the private market and prove denial of coverage by at least two carriers for reasons other than failure to make payment.
  • A Maryland resident
  • A licensed driver in the state of Maryland and have a current Maryland vehicle registration

Are any discounts available for Maryland Auto Insurance?
There are several ways you can save money on Maryland Auto Insurance insurance:

  • Safe driver discounts – Maintain a clean driving record free of accidents and traffic violations to secure the cheapest Maryland Auto Insurance.
  • Continued coverage discounts – Drivers who have 12 months or more of continued Maryland Auto Insurance will maintain the lowest rates.

What is the difference between liability and full coverage insurance?
Liability insurance is required by the state of Maryland to protect against bodily injury or property damage to another person. Full coverage includes liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage which provides added protection to your own property damage, and also protects against weather, fire, theft and vandalism regardless of who is at fault.

What happens if I have a lapse in Maryland Auto Insurance?
If you are accident free and your policy expired up to 60 days ago, your Maryland Auto Insurance provider can assist you with reinstatement. Please call 301.476.4887 for more information.

Are high risk drivers eligible for Maryland Auto Insurance?
You cannot be denied Maryland Auto Insurance because of accidents or driving record. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you will not be turned down.

What are the specific requirements for Maryland Auto Insurance?
All Maryland drivers must maintain minimum liability insurance coverage on their vehicle in the following amounts:

$30,000 for bodily injury per person
$60,000 for bodily injury for two or more people
$15,000 for property damage