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Do You Have a Friend in Need of Auto Insurance?

Has Maryland Auto Insurance Fund worked wonders for your auto insurance needs? We can’t say we are surprised. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund works closely with drivers to provide them with the auto insurance they need. We take pride in knowing that we are helping drivers receive the auto insurance they need to stay protected on the roadway. If Maryland Auto Insurance Fund has worked well for you, tell your friends about MAIF. Everyone should have the option to receive the auto insurance they need, so why not refer a friend to MAIF!


We are happy to know Maryland Auto Insurance Fund has worked for you. Don’t forget to let your friend know that in order to qualify for Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, they will need:

  • To be a Maryland state resident
  • To have a license in the state of Maryland or have a current Maryland registration
  • Have difficulty obtaining Maryland car insurance through a private carrier

The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund does not turn away drivers for any reason as long as they meet our requirements. We accept drivers with bad driving records and work with you to find an auto insurance that is right for you. You can get a free quote online if you are looking for an auto insurance.

We offer discounts!

We also offer discounts to drivers who maintain a safe driving record and continued coverage discounts. Saving money is always a great initiative to motivate drivers.

Safe Drivers Discount: Maintaining a clean and safe driving record can lead to some of the cheapest options for Maryland Auto Insurance.

Continued Coverage Discounts: Having Maryland Auto Insurance for at least 12 months will give you some of the cheapest auto insurance rates.


Don’t waste time if you are in need of Maryland Auto Insurance. The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund will work with you to get you the help you need. We have convenient locations in Maryland and Washington, DC.  You can call our office and speak to one of our informed personnel. You can give us a call at 301.476.4887, visit us in person, or contact us online.