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Back to School Safe Driving

It’s that time of year where people go back to school, which means there are more drivers on the road during peak hours. Taking the necessary steps to keep yourself-protected and safe on the roadway will benefit you in the long road. The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund is committed to helping drivers find the right insurance for their vehicle. MAIF is also invested in helping drivers remain safe on the roadways. We don’t turn down any driver as long as they meet a few requirements:

  • Maryland state resident
  • Licensed in the state of Maryland or have a current Maryland registration
  • Unable to obtain Maryland car insurance through a private carrier

If you want to explore more options feel free to contact MAIF. Get a Quote.

Stay Safe On The Roads

During the school year, there is an increase in bicyclist, pedestrian, and school buses during your commute. Finding the right way to share the roadway with other people is key to keeping you and others safe. It is important to stay alert and aware of things going on around you during the school year.

In case of: 

Pedestrians: During the school year, be aware of school zones and young pedestrians crossing the street. Try adding extra time to your commute if you are passing through any school zones. Things to consider on your commute:

  • Don’t pass a stopped car at a crosswalk
  • Yield to pedestrians at the crosswalk
  • Stay alert near school zones
  • Don’t block the crosswalk
  • Pay attention to the school patrol officer

School Buses:  Especially in the morning and afternoon, you are more than likely to come across a school bus. When a school bus is stopped, pay attention to the stop sign that appears. Children coming from the bus may go on either side of the street so attempting to pass a stopped school bus is never a good idea. Make sure you stay alert when traveling near a school bus.

Bicyclist: In most major cities, they have implemented the use of bicycle lanes to give bicyclists a safer way to travel. Bicycle lanes are not to be ignored. In most areas, a bicyclist has the same rules and regulations as cars.  Try to stay more alert when sharing the road with bicyclists. Other ways to safely share the road with bicyclists:

  • If you need to pass bicyclists, pass slowly and allow a few feet between your car and the bicyclist to avoid colliding with the bicyclist.
  • Make sure you signal when near bicyclist to avoid collision
  • Be more alert near bicyclist just in case they turn without signaling
  • When parking near bicyclist lanes, be careful opening and closing your door


During the school year, be a more alert and vigilant to minimize the chance of accidents. However, At MAIF we do understand accidents do happen and we are prepared to find you the coverage you need.