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Switching Auto Insurance

Drivers may need to switch their auto insurance for a range of reasons. No matter what the reason, the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund (MAIF) has got you covered. The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund is a Maryland state provider that issues and underwrites auto liability insurance for Maryland drivers who cannot obtain auto insurance on the private market. The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund will work with you to help find the coverage you need. In order to qualify for MAIF, drivers must be a Maryland state resident, licensed in the state of Maryland or have current Maryland registration, and unable to obtain Maryland car insurance through a private carrier.

Switching Auto Insurance

  • Determine what kind of insurance you need. Do you need full coverage? Do you need comprehensive, collision, or liability insurance? You need to consider your lifestyle and needs to determine what kind of coverage is right for you. You can combine different kinds of coverage to create a policy that makes sense for you.
  • Make sure your new insurance is in place before canceling your old insurance. You may find yourself in an accident or an auto emergency without proper coverage. You may have to pay out of pocket for the damages if you are properly insured. You don’t want to take that risk. So make sure you get your auto insurance placed before canceling your current insurance.
  • Figure out how or when to cancel your current policy. If your current policy has a cancellation fee, you may want to consider that before switching. Don’t forget to look at your cancellation policy for your current insurance to avoid any unnecessary fees and trouble.

Contact MAIF

The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund can help you find the right provider for your specific needs. We have many convenient locations in the Maryland and Washington, DC. If you are looking for auto insurance you can trust, contact MAIF. You can get a free quote online or call 301.476.4887.