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Staying Focused During Road Trips

Winter is coming, and that means taking the trip to visit family you haven’t seen in forever. Long car rides can sometimes be tricky. Staying focused on the roadway can help keep you and other drivers safe. Distracted driving can put everyone on the road at risks. Taking the necessary steps to practice focused driving can make your road trip more enjoyable. At MAIF, we are committed to helping our drivers stay safe and insured. Take the time to review these easy tips for remaining focused on the roadway.

  • Get yourself organized before driving not during.  You would be surprised at the number of drivers that have admitted to doing activities like eating, applying makeup, and texting while driving. Every second your not looking at the road ahead you’re putting yourself and other drivers at risk.
  • Don’t text and drive. The text message can wait until you reach your destination. One text isn’t worth getting into an accident that can possibly injure you or another driver.
  • Take breaks during your road trip. Make sure you leave ahead of time and plan out rest stops, so you don’t get tired while driving. If you are in the car with another person, try switching off every few hours.

Taking the time to ensure that you are focused on the road can keep you safe. Being safe on the roadway also means you have the appropriate coverage. Maryland Auto Insurance  (MAIF) is an independent Maryland state provider that issues and underwrites auto liability insurance for Maryland drivers who cannot obtain it on their own. If you have a difficult time obtaining insurance due to a bad driving record, MAIF can help. In order to qualify for MAIF, drivers must:

  • be unable to obtain Maryland car insurance on the private market and prove denial of coverage by at least two carriers for reasons other than failure to make payment.
  • be a Maryland resident
  • be a licensed driver in the state of Maryland and have a current Maryland vehicle registration