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Are You Driving Without Insurance?

In most cases, driving without auto insurance is illegal. Driving without car insurance can result in many stressful and time-consuming problems. MAIF Insurance Online works with drivers to help them obtain the auto insurance they need to stay covered on the road. If you have had a difficult time finding insurance, visit our team at MAIF Insurance Online. Our team can assess your case and help you find the right insurance for your auto needs. We work closely with a wide range of carriers to give our drivers a full range of options to choose from.

Do you have a bad driving history? Don’t worry; MAIF Insurance Online can still work with you to find the right type of auto insurance. If you meet our requirement, then we won’t turn you down. Contact us to learn more about your options.

Driving Uninsured

  • When driving uninsured, drivers run the risk of getting pulled over. Driving uninsured may lead to costly fines and penalties son your driver’s license. Obtaining the right coverage can help keep you and other drivers covered in case of an accident.
  • If you are in an accident, you are responsible for paying all the fees and cost out of pocket. Auto insurance may help cover part of the cost if your vehicle is damaged in an accident.
  • Drivers with insurance may get their license suspended until they can prove they have obtained the appropriate coverage. Reinstating your license may be a costly, time-consuming process.
  • Drivers who are uninsured may have their car impounded or towed if pulled over. Dealing with towed or impounded car can be a stressful process. In most cases, drivers have a certain amount of time to retrieve their car before it is impounded. Obtaining the right insurance from the start can help you avoid all the hassle associated with towing and impounding.