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Do I Need Additional Insurance When Renting A Car?

Most of us have been at the rental car counter after receiving a car rental quote online, and then asked a series of questions about adding insurance to your rental. Depending on who you ask, some people will tell you that it is not needed, and some other’s may tell you that you need it.

As with anything in life, you want to be well informed, and the same goes for your auto insurance policy. The first step before renting a car would be to give us a call and ask what your current policy with MAIF covers in the event of an accident or loss while you are renting.

Giving us a call will help you understand what your auto insurance will cover during the duration of your rental. For example, your insurance may only cover the value of your vehicle versus the value of the car that you are renting. Also, something that many of us do not know if that rental car companies can charge fees beyond just the repair of the vehicle, such as fees for each day that the car is not available for rental use.

What To Know About The Additional Insurance Offered By The Rental Companies

In most cases, you will be offered four different types of insurance at the rental counter.

  • Loss Damage Waiver
    • Often referred to as an LDW, this will relieve your responsibility if the vehicle is damaged or stolen during your rental period. Be sure to read this carefully as it may also relieve you of charges occurred due to loss of use by the rental company.
  • Personal Accident Insurance
    • This will cover yourself and passengers for any medical expenses that may occur after the accident. This is something that you may also not need if you have sufficient health and auto coverage.
  • Personal Effects Coverage
    • This will cover items that may be stolen from your vehicle during the rental period. This is also important to check with your personal auto insurance policy, homeowners policy (if applicable), and even your credit card company (the one you use to rent the vehicle) as they may have you covered with their coverage policies as well.
  • Limited Protection Coverage
    • This coverage will protect you if you are sued as a result of the accident in the rental vehicle. Again, you want to give us a call before renting to see if you are covered as well with your homeowner’s policy (if applicable), and your credit card company (the one you use to rent the vehicle) to see what type of coverage they are offering you already.

There is no need to spend money if you do not need to. If you need auto insurance, contact Maryland Auto Insurance today for a no-hassle quote.  If you are already a policyholder with us and are thinking of renting a vehicle, contact us today to see what your current policy offers you during a rental period.