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New Auto Technology That Can Help You Be A Better Driver

Technology can be a wonderful thing when it comes to driving when used the proper way. As long as you refrain from texting and checking social media while driving, there is an abundance of new safety and technology features that now come standard in many of today’s most popular and affordable vehicles. We are going to go over some of the new features and what they can do to assist you in becoming a better and safer driver.

Lane Departure Warning System

  • This feature is very cool in that distractions do happen during everyday driving, whether it be your child needing your attention or just a swift glance at your navigation or radio. Most of the vehicle’s that are being released today will have a lane departure warning system built in your vehicle. This notification will beep much like your seatbelt notification, or your seat will vibrate, every time your vehicle crossed a painted line on the road. More high-end vehicles will even automatically adjust your steering wheel to stay in between the lines on the road.

Automatic Emergency Braking

  • Again, distractions happen, and if someone happens to slam on their brakes in front of you, some vehicles come equipped with a camera in the front of your car. This camera will notify you to hit your brakes immediately and even stop your vehicle for you. Another feature this camera will do is called Adaptive Cruise Control, which we will explain later.

Adaptive Cruise Control

  • As mentioned above, if your vehicle comes equipped with a camera in the front of your vehicle, then chances are that your vehicle is equipped with adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control means that when you have cruise control turned on, and someone changes lanes in front of you unexpectedly or if you simply forget to brake, your vehicle will automatically adjust your cruise control settings accordingly.

360 Degree Camera

  • 360 Degree cameras will make parking that new SUV so much easier when you put your vehicle in reverse. In addition, you will see an overhead view of your vehicle on the display screen. This will help ensure that you do not hit or are not too close to a neighboring vehicle while parking. Also, if you have 360-degree cameras equipped on your vehicle, then you most likely have parking sensors as well that will alert you when you are approaching an object near the sensor such as a parking block or another vehicle.

While we urge not to rely on this technology 100%, it sure is nice to have these helpful features in your vehicle to help you with your busy life and schedule.

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