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It’s Back To School Time Which Means It Is Also Carpool Time

Now that summer is over for 2019, kids are beginning to return to school this month, and that can mean a number of different things for your vehicle and traffic. Back to school time for the younger children will mean that school buses will be back on the road in the masses,  causing longer commute time in the morning and early afternoon. Good thing for us, the county that you live in is responsible for making sure the buses are working properly during the school season. However, for some of us, this means that our older children are able to drive themselves to school and may even carpool with friends or a younger sibling.

So, if your teenager is about to hit the road again on a daily basis to travel to and from school either by alone or with friends or siblings, we have made a helpful checklist of things to check and do with your vehicle before letting your loved ones behind the wheel.


Since summertime is over, that means inclement weather is not far away. You want to make sure that your vehicle’s wipers are working properly. Also, you want to make sure that your lights are working properly, as the morning fog will soon return along with other situations that may limit visibility.number of

Check Tires

It gets hot in the summertime during the day, and considerably colder during the early morning and evenings. This will decrease and increase your tire pressure almost on a daily basis. With the wintertime months, the weather is more consistently cold, and your tire pressure will more than likely stay the same throughout the summer. However, it is important to check the tire pressure around this time and make sure it is correct according to your vehicle’s specifications.

Back-Up Camera

If your vehicle does not already have a backup camera installed, then you should think about having an aftermarket backup camera installed. A backup camera will help you or whoever is driving see things that are behind them much easier and that may pop out at the last minute.

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It can get warm during the summer months in Maryland, and any tips to help keep you and your vehicle cool will help you be more comfortable and be a more safe driver. If you need auto insurance, contact Maryland Auto Insurance today for a no-hassle quote.