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How Can The Maryland Driver Improvement Program Help?

The DIP (Driver Improvement Program) is a program that the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) will make mandatory for any driver in the state that has accumulated a certain amount of points on their driving record within a certain time period. You may also be referred to the Driver Improvement Program by a district court judge if you have a driving infraction that requires you to see a judge.

Some of us may think that this is a punishment, however, it can actually be a useful tool for you to reapply some of the driving techniques and safety methods that you may have forgotten about or simply just neglect to do when operating your vehicle. We have listed the ways the Driver Improvement Program can help you with your driving, but also your insurance premium.

Benefits Of The Driver Improvement Program

  • Complete A Court Ordered Requirement
    • This program may actually be mandatory from a judge to ensure that you avoid a harsher punishment from the judge. Likely to be referred to the Driver Improvement Program if you have been given a citation involving a motor vehicle and injured citizens or damaged property.
  • Reduced Insurance Premium
    • You may also be referred to the Driver Improvement Program if you have accumulated between 5 and 7 points on your driver’s license in a certain period of time, which is usually three years. Again, you may think that the DIP is a punishment, however, once you successfully completed the Driver Improvement Program, you will have points removed from your license. This will help lower the rate on your insurance premium.
  • New Techniques
    • You are never too old to learn something new, and the same goes for driving. A lot of time may have elapsed since you attended a driving school or you may have never attended a defensive driving program. This can actually teach you a few new techniques that you can apply to your daily driving routine that can help you prevent issues before they even begin.

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