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Will My Teen Cause My Auto Insurance Rates To Go Up?

Having a child is wonderful and a life-changing experience for you and your entire family. Unfortunately, when it comes time for your child to get their learner’s permit for driving in the state of Maryland, changes will not only come for your teenager but also your insurance policy.

It is a fact that your new driver will indeed cause your insurance rates to go and more than likely it will be significant as teenage drivers are considering to be the most ‘riskiest’ driving group to insure. We are going to explain why this is, and how much your premium could go up.


  • If you are a ‘one-car’ family, then your policy is likely to increase your premium by 44%, of course, that is depending on where you live. In the state of Maryland, it could up more than that depending on your personal driving record as well.
  • If you are a ‘two-car’ family, then your policy is likely to increase by 58% and a staggering 62% if you are a ‘three-car’ family. Again, your personal driving history will also factor into how much your actual increase is.


  • Inexperience is why this increase happens. Teenage drivers are fresh on the road and simply do not have the driving experience and the likelihood of a teenage driving being involved in a car accident are much more than any other driver on the road.

When Will The Rates Go Back To What They Were Before?

  • There are two ways for your insurance premium to go back to what it was before your teenager was added to your policy. One is that your teenager gets their own policy at age 18. The other situation is that if your teenager continues to stay on your policy, then it will not begin to go down until the age of 25. Twenty-five is the age of drivers where the risk begins to decrease, along with your insurance premium.

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