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Tips for Driving During Spring

People often think of winter being the worst season to drive in. But spring comes with a lot of its own challenges. There are many driving risks during spring that you may not even think of or notice. Roadway Insurance, Inc., a provider of MAIF insurance, lets you know what you need to watch out for during the spring driving season.

More Animals

Many animals hibernate over the winter and aren’t out during that season. Spring means they’re coming out of that state and are looking for food or a mate. Deer, bears, and other wildlife may be walking across roads or grazing right beside them. Always stay alert and assume that they can come into the road at any time.

Construction Season

Roadwork starts to kick in or resume after the winter. None of us likes dealing with roadwork, but it’s necessary if we want roads without potholes and safe highways. Roadwork will most likely slow down your drive and that can certainly test your patience. Don’t let your temper get the best of you. Drive slowly and keep an eye out for workers. Road rage can be dangerous for both you and everyone driving through and working on the site.

Wonky Weather

Spring is a weird time for the weather. It’s known for being rainy and blustery, making it hard to see or stay on the road sometimes. It’s also known for inconsistent temperatures. It may drop down below freezing occasionally still, even though winter is over. Icy roads are still a possibility during this season.

Always be cautious when you’re driving in weather that’s less than ideal. If you need to pull over to the side of the road for a bit, do so until you feel safe. Make sure you use your hazard lights so that people can see you in difficult conditions. In addition, always use your headlights and windshield wipers for optimum safety in inclement weather.

Pedestrians and Motorcycles

With warmer weather, both of these things will be more abundant. While driving, make sure you keep an eye out for motorcycles, as they’re harder to spot than cars. Make sure you keep a far enough following distance from them and be careful while passing, as they’re more impacted by the drafts cars make. Check blind spots before turning to ensure it’s safe.

Pedestrians may be walking or riding bicycles. Remember that bicycles have the same rights to the road as you do. When passing them, give them a safe distance. Pedestrians walking often have children with them. Keep an eye out for any sudden movements and make sure you’re aware of where they are in relation to you. Yield at crosswalks if you see pedestrians near them.

Stay Safe with MAIF

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