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Help Your Car Beat the Summer Heat

Car problems are something we often think of as being a winter issue. But the summer heat can be just as bad, if not worse, on the condition of your car. Roadway Insurance, Inc. provides MAIF car insurance to keep your car safe in one way. Read more on how you can make sure your car can make it through the summer.

Prep Your Battery for Higher Temperatures

Heat and vibration are two of the worst things for your car battery. This is what can make summer even more dangerous than winter for your car. Make sure your battery is secure to eliminate as much of the vibration from driving as you can.

Your battery fluid will also evaporate faster in high temperatures. This can lead to more corrosion on both your terminals and connections. Clean any corrosion that’s already present. Make sure your cable clamps are tightly secured. This can help with corrosion getting worse throughout the summer.

Make Sure Your Engine is Cool

Every once in a while it’s important to flush the cooling system in your car. This is what prevents your engine from overheating. You’ll also want to make sure the coolant is at the proper level, otherwise, your engine can be at risk for overheating.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

When you drive on under-inflated tires, they’re more likely to overheat and blow. This is especially true when the roads are extremely hot. Make sure you’re checking your tire pressure at least once a month to ensure that it’s in the proper range for your tires. Don’t forget to check your spare tire as well, just in case you encounter an emergency and need to use it. Take your tire pressure when the tires are cold to get the most accurate reading.

Use That Climate Control

Air conditioning in your car is more than just keeping you cool. It helps to make sure you’re not fatigued from heat, which can lead to unsafe driving and crashes. The cooling level of your air conditioning can also signal other problems with your car. If you notice it isn’t cooling as well as it used to, you could need more refrigerant or the cabin filter replaced. Have a technician check, because there could be more serious problems as well.

Always Check Fluids

Engine fluids are there to lubricate the engine and to help carry heat away. When your fluids are low, there’s less of a cooling effect and more of a chance of critical engine parts overheating. Check your engine fluids periodically and make sure that they’re at the proper levels. Your owner’s manual will tell you what to refill them with if they’re low.

Stay Safe This Summer With MAIF Car Insurance

With these tips and MAIF car insurance, you’re set to be safe while driving this summer. If you’re looking to get insurance, call us, contact us online, or get a free quote.