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Staying Safe During Your Summer Road Trip

With the COVID-19 crisis, many summer vacation options may not be viable anymore. But the road trip is still something you can do with your family, taking in nature sites around where you live. Just make sure both your car and your MAIF car insurance are up to the task. Roadway Insurance, Inc. offers tips for your summer excursions.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Stocked

No matter how new your car is, accidents and breakdowns can happen. You want to make sure your car has supplies for you to deal with these issues if they were to occur. For starters, make sure you have both your cell phone and charger. This is used to call for help if you’re to get in a sticky situation.

Keep both tools for your safety as well as for your car. Things like a first aid kit, emergency blankets, and medications and food can help you if you get stranded. For basic repairs on your car, keep some basic tools and duct tape. A jack and mat to lay on are nice to have if you have to change a tire. Road flares alert other drivers if you’re doing some emergency repairs.

Keep Your Insurance Updated

There’s a minimum amount of coverage you have to have on your vehicle based on Maryland requirements. However, if you’re going to a certain area on your road trip, or you’re worried about your vehicle breaking down, you may want to add extra coverage. Talk to Roadway about comprehensive coverage that covers weather and natural disasters, as well as theft or animal damage.

Get Your Car Serviced

Even if it’s been serviced fairly recently, you want everything checked out before you take on a long drive. Make sure you get your oil changed and tires rotated. Get your battery checked to make sure it’s going to last and doesn’t need to be changed. It may be a good idea to ensure all your car’s fluids are topped off and full. Many auto shops also offer a safety inspection where they look over things like brakes and the tread on your tires.

Plan Out Your Travel Route

Randomly taking off in a general direction isn’t a good way to start off a trip. Plan out where you want to go and what routes you want to take, even if you plan on using GPS. Having maps as a backup is always a good option as well. You also want to take a look at what the weather forecast is going to be. If heavy rains and winds are in store, you want to make sure you have options to pull off the road or ensure the strongest driver is behind the wheel.

Stay Covered With MAIF Car Insurance

At Roadway Insurance, we can help you make sure you’re covered and don’t have to worry. With payment plans available, you can know your coverage won’t lapse. Call us, contact us online, or get a free quote!