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Follow These Fall Driving Tips

The weather is getting cooler, and with each new season comes new driving hazards to watch out for. What do you need to be aware of for fall? Roadway Insurance, Inc., an Annapolis auto insurance provider, fills you in.

Be Wary of Leaves

Leaves are one of the biggest hazards you’ll encounter during fall driving. When it rains, they turn into a slippery wet mess that can be similar to driving on ice. No matter how much traction you have on your tires, your car will probably still have trouble if you attempt to brake when you’re on a pile of wet leaves.

The changing fall colors also mean that people are going to be distracted while driving, especially if you’re driving in the countryside. Tourists take drives just to see the colorful leaves in a rural setting. Even locals are likely to be charmed by the colors of fall. Make sure you’re on high alert in case you run into someone driving slower to get their fall fix.

Watch Out for Animals

In the fall months, animals are out and about getting supplies for winter. Fall is also mating season for deer, so you’re more likely to hit one during this time. Make sure you’re staying on extra alert for animals. Depending on the area you live in, deer may not think they have anything to fear on rural roads. You want to avoid damage to your car and reporting an accident if you can.

Frost and Fog are Likely

While the chilly fall mornings feel good after a hot summer, they make it more likely for frost and fog to be present. Even though there’s no snow, frost conditions make it cold enough that patches of moisture on the road may freeze up. You’re more likely to experience this on bridges and overpasses because underneath them is cool air instead of the ground.

Fog is another hazard that’s present often in fall. It messes with your perception of distance and your ability to see other hazards that you come upon in your route. Never use high beams in the fog, as the bright light reflects off of it and bounces back into your eyes. Many cars have fog lights that are low, wide beams. Make sure you take advantage of them if you have them.

Take Note of Your Tire Pressure

As the air gets cooler, the pressure in your tires drops as well. Every month, no matter the weather, your tire pressure drops about one pound per square inch. They drop another pound for every 10 degrees the temperature goes down. Make sure you have a tire pressure meter in your car at all times and know the proper pressure that your tires should be at.

Stay Safe With Annapolis Auto Insurance

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