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Driving Safely With Pets

It makes sense that we always want our loyal companions with us, including in the car. But having pets in the car introduces a new element and it’s important to make sure that everyone’s safety is the primary focus. Roadway Insurance, Inc., a provider of auto insurance in Annapolis, offers tips to stay safe when your pets are along for the ride.

Work Their Way Up

Especially if you’ve never transported your pet in a car before, do shorter trips with them until you do a long one. Just like for you, doing something they’ve never done before can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Some pets love car rides, while others aren’t the biggest fan of them. Get your pet as used to car rides as possible so that the ride is more relaxing for them.

Keep Them Secured

You should never let your pet have free reign of the vehicle. They can crawl into your lap, distracting you from driving. They may also block your sightlines to your rearview mirrors or in the back of your car. There’s nothing stopping them from accidentally pushing buttons as well. Make sure they’re secured in a crate or cage. They also make barriers made to keep pets in one area, or ways for you to secure your pet with a seatbelt.

Don’t Leave Them in the Car Alone

Especially in the summer, you should avoid keeping your pet in the car by themselves. In sunny weather and in the summer months, the car heats up extremely fast. Your pet also processes heat differently than we do. But this rings true for all situations. Without you in the car with them, your pet is going to be anxious and may end up ruining that interior.

Keep Their Heads Inside

Dogs especially love to stick their head out the window and feel the breeze. But it isn’t really safe for them, even if the gap is small and they aren’t able to get out of it. Dirt and debris are kicked up when driving and can get into your pet’s eyes. There’s always the risk of some sort of larger objects injuring your pet while their head is out.

Update All Information

In the event of a worst-case scenario, you want to make sure all info is updated. Ensure their microchip information is up to date. Get them a collar or tag for the collar that has your contact information in case you manage to get separated. You want to make sure you can be reunited with your pet should the worst happen.

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