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Can My Garaging Address Impact Rates?

Your garaging address is the primary place where your car is parked most of the time. But can the address of this area impact your car insurance rates? Roadway Insurance, Inc., a provider of auto insurance in Annapolis, MD, weighs in.

The Area of Your Garaging Address Matters

There are many different neighborhoods and places where you may be parking your car. If you’re inside town or city limits, you may have higher rates than if you live outside of the limits. Likewise, if you’re parking your car in an urban area, you’ll have higher rates than if you live in a rural area.

This is because there’s a higher population in urban areas, which exposes your car to more dangers. More people mean more cars on the road, as well as a higher chance of vandalism or other crimes. Urban areas usually have a younger population as well, which insurance agencies consider a more volatile population, and leads to higher rates.

The fact that there are more drivers on the road also means that you’re more likely to get into some sort of accident. The price to get your car fixed in that area may be higher than in a more rural area, which also contributes to the higher insurance rates. Likewise, urban areas have a higher rate of auto theft.

Do You Have an Actual Garage?

If your car is actually parked in a garage structure, that can change your rates as well. A car that’s parked outside or on the street is much more vulnerable to theft and vandalism. It’s also more likely that something will happen to your car if it’s parked farther away from your residence or in a dimly-lit area.

If your car is parked in an actual structure, it’s much less likely to be vandalized. But the type of garage matters too. A garage that’s attached to your residence is the safest place for your car. You can still get savings, though, if you have a detached garage or one that’s a bit farther away. A private garage is also preferred over a garage that’s open to the public.

Getting Auto Insurance in Annapolis, Maryland

Make sure you’re upfront about where your garaging address is and if you have your car parked in a structure. We want to do our best to make sure you’re getting the best rates possible. To learn more about MAIF auto insurance, call us or request a free quote online.