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Safety Tips for Senior Drivers Pt. 3

As you age, you can experience an increasing number of physical ailments that affect how you operate your daily activities. There is a risk these can inhibit your ability to drive. Rather than cease driving completely, you can approach driving with awareness and carefulness and avoid limiting your transportation options. MAIF, an auto insurance provider in Maryland, offers safety tips for senior-aged drivers.

Check your senses

Your eyesight can diminish as you get older, and it may take longer to read road signs or detect movement from your peripheral vision. Your eyes may also be more affected by glares or sunlight after a certain age. If you have glasses that are meant to be worn while seeing at a distance, be sure to wear them while driving. You should get regular eye exams to ensure you can see safely while operating a vehicle.

Your hearing may also be affected by aging. You might miss the sound of cars honking or emergency vehicles approaching which could be dangerous for you and other drivers. Check with your doctor for a hearing exam if you are concerned about your ability to hear well enough to drive.

Stay active

Joints and muscles are more likely to stiffen if seated in one position when you are older. This can affect your ability to operate the car or shift to check all lines of sight while driving. If your movement is impaired, you may be at a higher risk of an auto accident. If you maintain an active lifestyle by exercising regularly, your muscles can be stronger, and you may be more comfortable and mobile while seated and driving your car. Severe pain or movement impairment should be examined by your doctor.

Pay attention

It is crucial to consistently pay attention to your surroundings while operating a vehicle, but you should be aware of your driving capabilities too. If you notice that your reaction times are slower than usual, you should exercise more caution while driving. This can include leaving more space between you and the car in front of you or remaining in the right-hand lane when driving on a highway. If you take medication, know the side effects. Medicine that makes you drowsy or groggy should not be taken before you get behind the wheel of a car. If you take note of your actions while driving, you can more safely operate your vehicle.

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