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Drive Safely in Spring Weather

With warm weather on the horizon, you are likely itching to get outside and on the road. Before you get behind the wheel, it’s important to take safety into consideration. Good weather does not guarantee good driving conditions, so you should always pay attention to yourself and your surroundings when operating a vehicle. MAIF, an auto insurance provider in Maryland, offers tips for safe driving in springtime.

Examine your vehicle

During the cold, harsh winter months, you may have used your vehicle less frequently. Even if you drove your car regularly, it may have endured damage from severe weather. Salt from roads could potentially cause corrosion to your car. It is important to examine your vehicle before driving during springtime. Operating your vehicle with unknown damage could lead to an accident. Avoid risking your safety or heavy fines by checking your car before you drive.

Routinely check weather

Springtime brings warmer temperatures but not necessarily milder weather. Heavy rain, high wind speeds, and harsh sunlight can also occur during the spring. These can all make driving your car more dangerous if you are not prepared. Knowing what weather to expect before you operate your vehicle can lead to a safer driving experience. You can also potentially make alternative plans if you learn that there will be severe weather conditions so you can avoid driving when it is unsafe.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians

Pleasant weather and temperatures may be encouraging you to go outside, and it is doing the same for the rest of your community. As you drive your car this spring, note that there will likely be more vehicles on the road with you, and plan accordingly. You should also stay aware of your surroundings because there will be more pedestrians, cyclists, and pets outdoors near roads. Motorcycles will be on the roads too when the weather becomes nice, so you should be mindful that you will share the road with them.

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