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3 Tips to Avoid Auto Theft

It can be shocking to return to where you parked your car to find that the vehicle is gone or items from your car are missing. Auto theft frequencies can vary depending on your location, but there are ways to lower the risk of this crime happening to you. Personal safety is a priority, but your valuables are important to protect as well. Learn tips to avoid auto theft from a MAIF insurance provider in Maryland.

Secure your car

When you have parked your vehicle and intend to leave it in its location, it is important to make sure your car is secure to avoid theft. Locking your car doors is the first step. Many thieves are deterred if they are unable to enter your vehicle with ease. You should keep your keys with you so that they are not easily accessible to a thief who may want to steal your car. You should avoid leaving a spare key near your vehicle for similar reasons. Keeping windows closed will also deter thieves who may be looking for an easy way to reach into a vehicle to steal items.

Watch where you park

Some locations see more crime than others, so it is important to stay aware of your surroundings and take note of where you park. Parking your vehicle in a garage, especially one that is inaccessible to the general public, will protect your car from thieves who may come across your vehicle by happenstance. Areas that are well-lit and have security cameras are ideal for parking too because thieves can be deterred by potential visibility and accountability for their crimes.

Do not leave valuables in sight

Thieves can be encouraged to steal items if they are visible and of apparent value. This includes a purse left on a car seat, a wallet placed in a cup holder, or a cell phone on the dashboard. Items of value should ideally be kept on your person or left at home. If you must leave a valuable item in your vehicle, you should hide it from plain sight by covering it with a blanket or jacket, placing it on the floor, or locking it in the trunk of your car. If an item must be stored in the trunk, you should place it there before you park your car. A thief might see you stow the item in your trunk and break into it after you leave your vehicle.

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