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3 Most Common Driver Errors

Are you one of the millions of Maryland drivers? Have you ever seen someone driving irresponsibly? Odds are, you’ve experienced or seen someone make a severe driving error that led to a collision or serious traffic disruption. Here are three of the most common errors that drivers make while on the road:

Stopping Suddenly Without Warning

It happens to all of us, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Stopping suddenly without warning whether it be on the interstate or in the supermarket parking lot can cause a lot of damage for drivers. When you make a rushed decision while driving, hoping to spare yourself some time, this impacts those around you and their ability to respond accordingly.  If the people behind you are not aware that you are stopping, they can easily rear-end you even if they were driving responsibly. By stopping slowly and intentionally, you give everyone, including yourself, more time to react and adjust; thus preventing minor or major car accidents.

Speeding Through A Yellow Light

Yellow lights signal to drivers that they should slow down, not speed up. Seeing if you can make it through a yellow light can end up causing a major collision, especially at intersections. In fact, intersection collisions are one of Maryland’s most common types of car accidents. Most often when you see accidents at intersections, it is because someone was speeding through a yellow light and got t-boned. Experiencing being t-boned can have life-threatening consequences, including concussions, neck injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injury, and paralysis. By slowing down at a yellow light, you can prevent a quick drive to the grocery store from becoming a seriously traumatic event.

Crossing Lanes While Turning

Crossing multiple lanes while turning a corner is a dangerous and costly mistake to make behind the wheel. Instead, you should execute a turn in your own lane, then use your turn signal to indicate that you are changing lanes after completing the turn. Many drivers will try to swing their car wide when taking a turn, hoping to change lanes at the same time. However, this does more harm than good in the long run. Cars in other lanes may be turning at the same time, unaware of your next move. By not changing lanes while turning, you can prevent these collisions from occurring.

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