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Winter Road Trip Checklist

With the holidays coming up just around the corner, Maryland drivers are preparing to set out on their winter road trips. Whether you are taking a vacation with your friends or planning to visit family in other states, it’s important to ensure your car is ready to drive during colder weather. Colder weather affects your car in many ways, so you may find that the day of your road trip, your car isn’t as ready to go as you are. Here are three things to double check before your winter road trip:

Tire Pressure

Winter weather affects your tire pressure. Before you hit the road, check your tire pressure and make adjustments as needed. Often, drivers will experience low tire pressure due to the way the air molecules in the tire react to the cold temperature. The molecules will huddle together when it gets cold as opposed to spreading out when it is hot. This causes more surface area of your tire to be on the pavement at one time. Adding air to your tires before your winter road trip could mean the difference between a safe arrival and a dangerous blowout.


Colder temperatures also affect your battery. Additionally, winter functions such as heated seats and window defrosters can put more strain on your battery. If you haven’t been using your car as much during the winter as you were during the summer, you may go to start your car and be met with a dead battery. It’s important to run your car just as often during the winter as you do during warmer months. Even if you are not commuting, starting your car and letting it run for ten minutes a day can help keep your battery charged. Giving the battery a quick test is a good idea for preparing for any winter road trips. If your battery charge is low, it’s likely worth replacing it sooner rather than later.


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