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The Benefits of Safe Driving

maryland auto insurance As your affordable car insurance provider in Maryland, we want to encourage our customers to practice safe driving habits. Not only is safe driving essential to your wellbeing, but it can also impact how much you are spending on car maintenance, insurance, and traffic violations. Learn more about the benefits of practicing safe driving habits below:

Vehicle Wear & Tear

You want your car to last for many years. When you are speeding often or slamming on brakes, your vehicle and tires will develop more wear & tear over time. Safe driving habits like gradually building and deescalating your speed will allow for a smoother stop & go experience. Additionally, safe driving is more eco-friendly and reduces your carbon footprint. Whether you are cruising through the city or traveling down the highway, you should actively practice safe driving habits like using your turn signal, keeping your speed down, and cutting out anything that could distract you while driving. Not only will safe driving save your life but it will also keep your vehicle around longer.

Avoid Speeding Tickets & Traffic Accidents

Not only are poor driving habits dangerous but they are also costly. Racking up speeding tickets can create a difficult financial situation. Additionally, if you are involved in or cause a traffic accident, you may need more repairs or maintenance than you insurance covers. It’s important to practice safe driving to protect yourself and other drivers on the road. Most safe driving occurs when you give yourself enough time and space to make good, reactionary decisions based on how the drivers around you are behaving. If you see a car that is speeding or swerving around, do your best to avoid them until they pass you.

Car Insurance Savings

Often, if you drive safely, you can apply for safe driver discounts via your insurance company. MAIF Insurance online offers a Safe Driving Discount to help patients with good driving records save money on their car insurance. If you need affordable car insurance in Maryland, request a free MAIF quote today. As Maryland’s #1 Maryland Auto Insurance — MAIF Insurance Online provides affordable insurance through My MD Auto to any Maryland driver who can not obtain car insurance on the private market. Visit our partners at for more information.