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Car Care Tips for Hot Weather

As summer continues, we want to remind drivers of the best ways to continue to care for their vehicles, especially during a heat wave. Remember that your vehicle has several parts or aspects to keep in mind with warmer temperatures, including the coolant, air conditioning, and even tires. Here we will review tips for car care in hot weather in Maryland. We welcome you to MAIF, your local auto insurance provider, to help cover your vehicle, access payment plans, and lower insurance costs.

car care in hot weather in Maryland

Car Care for Hot Weather in Maryland

top tips for caring for your car for the summer months:

Check Your A/C and Coolant

Inspecting the air conditioning in your car can help prevent an emergency in the summer months. If your air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant, you must refill it with the right kind for your car. The owner’s manual for your vehicle will specify the refrigerant required.

If you are low on coolant, your engine can overheat. Coolant helps the engine run properly and prevents engine damage. Driving with an overheating engine can cause permanent damage. Cooling systems also have more to work with in extreme temperatures. Using a high-quality coolant can make keeping engines at the right temperature easier.

Look for Tire Damage

When you drive your car, you should quickly check your tires. Overheated tires can damage and wear down the tire’s tread. Heat can also cause tire blowouts. An increase in heat can impact tire inflation. Look for odd bubbles on your tire or wear and tear in the tire tread in the summer months.

Check Your Battery

Extreme heat can interact with the chemicals within a car battery. It can sometimes be difficult for batteries to hold a charge. Air conditioning, fans, and other aspects of the car can take a toll on the battery, particularly if it’s hot outside. Additionally, aging batteries can impact your car. You should get your battery checked regularly. Typically, car batteries last three to four years.

Get a Sun Shade

Placing a sun shade on your windshield can keep your car’s temperature low, especially if you have a darker-colored car. Using a sun shade can also alleviate pressure on your air conditioning system to keep your car cool.

Check Engine Oil

The oil that surrounds the engine can become thinner as temperatures increase. Before summer, use a thicker engine oil to ensure that it does not thin out. The engine oil helps all of the moving parts in the engine work properly.

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