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Protect Against Accident Fraud

Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for decades, it’s important to look out for accident fraud. Instances of accident fraud can include staging car accidents, lying about injuries, and exaggerated repair costs. We want Maryland drivers to drive safely, protect against accident fraud, and ensure that they have auto insurance coverage. There are several things that drivers can do to help prevent fraud and protect themselves if an accident occurs.

Prevent Car Insurance Fraud in Maryland

Prevent Accident Fraud in Maryland

Take these steps as needed to protect yourself from accident fraud:

Drive Defensively

There are many ways that fraudsters can create accidents. Cars can suddenly brake or seem to let you merge before crashing into your vehicle. Multiple fraudsters working together can also create a collision and claim injuries and damage to their cars. Being a careful driver can help prevent accidents. However, it’s also good to know how fraudsters can cause accidents for money. If there are any witnesses, it is also important to get their accounts.

Report Accidents Immediately

When reporting an accident, call the police so an officer can arrive at the scene. This is especially important if a driver argues with you. Keep calm and quiet. Avoid getting into an argument with the other driver. Additionally, notify your insurer of the accident immediately.

Record the Accident Details

Take down the names, insurance information, and other details from the other driver and any witnesses. Additionally, take pictures of the damage to the cars and of the scene itself. The other driver might say you are at fault even if they caused the accident. Recording all of the accident details and information from other people can help in court if need be.

Be Wary Of People Who Arrive On the Scene

Make sure that any police or tow trucks that arrive at the scene are legitimate. The police will give you their information, and the tow truck service should be approved by your insurance and have a municipal license number. Do not use any tow trucks that appear without you calling for service. Additionally, avoid any witnesses at the scene that try to direct you toward doctors or lawyers.

If you suspect that someone is committing insurance fraud, contact the National Insurance Crime Bureau Hotline at 1-800-TEL-NICB or the Maryland Auto Insurance Hotline at 1-800-500-0333.

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