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Road Trip Tips for the Summer

With summer here, road trip season is near! Whether you’re driving across the country or just a couple of hours to get to your destination, it’s important to stay prepared and plan ahead. At MAIF Insurance Online, we want drivers to stay safe and prepare for anything that happens on the road. We want to make sure that Maryland drivers are insured and ready for their road trips.


Road Trip Tips from MAIF

Before your road trip, make sure you’re prepared for the road. Follow these tips to ensure that your road trip runs smoothly:

Set a Reasonable Goal

You can set a driving goal for how many miles you want to drive daily. But don’t overdo it; it’s ok if you need to take a break or stop at a hotel for the night. You can also take breaks on the way to make the trip more manageable. It’s dangerous to get tired on the road; make sure you break up your trip into manageable chunks.

Pack Essentials and Emergency Supplies

Ensure you have an emergency kit, snacks, and entertainment for your passengers in your car. We recommend packing jumper cables, a no-spill gas can, a small tool kit, a flashlight, spare tire and jack, and roadside flares or triangles. You can rely on your emergency gear if you get in an accident, get a flat tire, or get stranded on the road.

Make Sure You Get a Tune-Up

Before your trip, ensure that your car has a tune-up. If you need to drop your car off at the auto shop, ensure you have enough time before your trip. Inspecting your lights, getting an oil change, ensuring you have sufficient tire pressure, and even adding enough coolant or windshield wiper fluid in your car can prevent problems on the road. You can also examine your car yourself to make sure the tires, windshield wipers, and other important parts of your car are up to standard.

Make Sure You’re Insured

It’s important to drive with car insurance. Drivers who get pulled over or get in an accident and do not have car insurance coverage can face license suspension and large fines. Many drivers who are found at fault in an accident and are uninsured have to pay more than if they were insured. The base level of insurance required by the state of Maryland is liability insurance. Make sure that you are insured before you go on a road trip to prevent more fees and to keep yourself protected.

Do you need insurance coverage? Get a free auto insurance quote from MAIF online. You can also call MAIF for car insurance in Maryland at 301.476.4887. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you find the right coverage for your needs.