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Tips for Distraction-Free Driving

Do you often let your eyes stray from the road to look at your phone? Whether you’re looking at your GPS or a text message, it’s never a good idea to look at your phone while driving. There are also other distractions you can create for yourself while driving. At MAIF auto insurance in Maryland, we want drivers to stay safe on the road and drive distraction-free. Distractions from your phone, other passengers, or habits you form when you’re in a rush can leave you, pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers in danger.

Tips for Distraction-Free Driving

Safe Driving Tips From MAIF Auto Insurance in Maryland

When driving, you need to keep your eyes on the road and minimize distractions. Follow these tips to stay safe when driving:

Turn on Your GPS Audio

Instead of looking at your GPS on your phone while driving, turn on your audio so you can get directions. If you miss a turn, don’t try to make the turn at the last minute. You can cut off other drivers and cause an accident.

Prepare Your Playlist Ahead of Time

Looking for the right song on your phone while you’re driving, especially if you’re typing in the search bar, takes your attention from the road. Making a playlist and pressing play before you leave will prevent you from looking at your phone. Adjusting the radio can also distract you from the road, which is why a playlist can be a good idea.

Enable “Do Not Disturb”

Limit the texts and calls you get with the “do not disturb” feature on your phone. If you absolutely need to take a call, pull over and park. Scrolling on your phone and trying to read messages can be a huge distraction. Leave the reading for road signs.

Don’t Multitask

While it may seem odd to some, many drivers multitask while driving. Eating, drinking, smoking, doing makeup, and getting ready for work are problems among many drivers. Multitasking causes many problems, including running through stop lights and stop signs, drifting into different lanes, and causing accidents. If you have to get ready for work, take time beforehand or wait until you’re at your destination.

Keep Your Kids and Pets Secure

If you must transport your pets in your car, keep them in their carriers. Your cat or dog can distract you from the road if they are not well-behaved. Additionally, make sure your children have their seatbelts secured. Keeping your children and pets secure will also keep them safe.

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