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New Car for the Holidays? You’re Going to Need Some Insurance

The holiday season is a popular time for purchasing a new or used vehicle- and you will need to be insured! insurance for a new car with MAIF in Maryland

If you are worried about establishing a policy with a traditional insurance carrier or have been dropped by a previous insurer, MAIF has you covered. Contact one of our experienced agents to discuss your insurance needs and get back on the road this holiday season. MAIF is available to ALL Maryland residents, including those with a “second-tier” drivers license for undocumented residents.

We understand the financial concerns of our customers and will work with you to establish a payment plan that suits your budget- and meets your insurance needs.

Drive safely in 2015 and your insurance premium can go DOWN.

Don’t get behind the wheel of your new vehicle without car insurance- fines and penalties in Maryland are steep and will keep your premium high.