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Maryland Is An ‘At-Fault’ State, What Does It Mean For My Auto Insurance?

Most states fall under the category of being an ‘at-fault’ state. This simply means that when you or someone else is involved in a motor vehicle accident in the state of Maryland, it will be deemed at the scene who is at fault for the accident.

The purpose of deemed someone being ‘at-fault’ or being responsible for the accident is to determine who is to be held responsible for financial compensation for the person ‘not-at-fault’, which includes medical and vehicle expenses. A MAIF car insurance claim can be filed.

Benefits Of Being In A ‘At-Fault’ State

  • Compensation

‘No-Fault’ states follow different rules that will not benefit you if the accident was not your fault. In, ‘At-Fault’ states like Maryland, you can file a claim with the person who is ‘At-Fault’  where you can seek compensation for medical expenses, time missed from work due to injury, vehicle damage expenses, and even pain and suffering.

What If I Am Found ‘At-Fault’ For An Accident In Maryland

  • Premium Increase

Unfortunately, similar to when you are issued a citation for a moving violation, an ‘At-Fault’ accident will increase your auto insurance premium. This increase in your annual auto insurance premium will likely last about three years from the time of the claim. This gives yourself time to prove to your insurance company that you are becoming a safer driver since your accident.

  • Points

Depending on the law enforcement agency that arrives at the scene of your accident, you will likely be issued a ticket or citation for the cause of the accident. For example, you can be given a citation for following too closely if you happen to collide into the rear of another vehicle.

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We hope that you are never in an accident whether you are ‘At-Fault,’ or ‘Not-At-Fault,’ but if you are,  you will still need auto insurance, contact Maryland Auto Insurance today for a no-hassle quote. You can also see what you need to report an accident here.