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Spring Clean Your Car!

After the beating your car has taken from winter weather, it’s time to give it a fresh new start in the spring. Both cleaning and maintenance tasks can contribute to spring cleaning your car. Roadway Insurance, Inc., a provider of MAIF car insurance, offers tips to make sure your car is shiny and safe for the warmer months.

Do A Thorough Detailing

Over the winter, we rarely wash our cars as much as we should. The dirt, grime, and salt residue from the roads cakes on there and can be hard to get off. Even if you’ve already done a wash or two already this spring, that may not be enough to get everything. Do a thorough wash and wax, making sure to get in every nook and cranny. That’s how you get a car to last longer.

Don’t Forget the Interior

The receipts, wrappers, and empty water bottles that have accumulated over the winter should all get cleaned out. If you keep extra gloves, coats, or blankets in the car for winter, bring those in to get washed. You can also keep your ice scraper and windshield cover in the shed until it’s needed again. That’s a lot less stuff to blow around and distract you when the windows are open, as well as more room for friends for road trips!

Change Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Throughout the winter, your wiper blades are clearing ice and sludge off of your windshield. Constantly being exposed to the cold isn’t great for the rubber on them, either. If you notice a squeaking sound and streaks when you’re using them, those are telling signs that it’s time for a change. You want the best visibility at all times when you’re driving. This means always keeping your windshield wipers up to snuff.

Clean Under the Hood

You might be surprised at how much dirt and debris can get caught up under your hood. Remove all the leaves and wipe down the surfaces. If there’s too much buildup, you might have to get it professionally cleaned.

And Check Your Battery

Cold weather isn’t great for your car battery. The colder temperatures mean a car needs twice as much power to start, but battery capacity is also diminished. This can take a toll. We also always have devices plugged in and charging now. This drains the battery even further. Most auto shops should have a device to check the battery current. Make sure your battery is still healthy and working properly.

MAIF Car Insurance

Spring cleaning is a great time to make sure you have the best auto insurance rate and coverage you can get. Call us or get a free quote online!