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Tips for Your Teen Driver

Your teen getting their driver’s license can be a nerve-racking time. You’re happy that they have Maryland MAIF auto insurance, but how can you be sure they’re going to be safe on the road? Roadway Insurance, Inc. offers some driving tips you can share with your newly-licensed teen.

Practice Driving in Multiple Weather Types

Even before they have their license, consider taking them to a safe place to learn how to drive in various conditions. An abandoned parking lot or an empty one after-hours is a good way to have a controlled environment to practice in. Maryland is a state that can get a decent amount of snowfall. It’s important that they know how their car handles in the snow before they’re out on busy roads.

Limit the Number of Passengers

For a new driver, the number of distractions should be kept at an absolute minimum. This includes friends and siblings being in the car. It’s one thing for a parent to be in the car and monitoring the driving and surroundings. But friends can be playing with the music, having conversations, and keeping the driver’s attention when it should be on the road. Limit it to one or two passengers, particularly in the early months.

No Phone Use

This seems like it should be a given at this point, but it can never be said enough. Texting while driving can kill people. You may think that your eyes are only off the road for a couple of seconds, but that’s enough to swerve into the wrong lane or graze a car or pedestrian on the side of the road. Getting into an accident also increases your insurance premiums. Keep the phone on a mount and implement a Bluetooth earpiece for calls.

Don’t Eat or Drink

So many people eat and drink while driving that it may seem normal at this point. A sip of water while driving can be okay. Trying to eat a Big Mac while driving — not so much. Food requires the use of at least one hand, and possibly both if you’re opening a drink or something. You also run the risk of spilling or dropping something, causing you to instinctively try to bend down to retrieve it or clean it. This can lead to an accident.

Play Music at a Reasonable Level

Singing along with the car radio can be one of the best things about driving. But it’s important to make sure you aren’t blaring your music too loud. Not only can it harm your eardrums if you put in a sound system with subwoofers, but it can also make it hard to hear outside hazards. You should always be able to hear a siren, railroad crossing signal, or honk from another car over your music.

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