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Safety Tips for Senior Drivers Pt. 2

We focus on safety tips for new drivers to ensure they’re starting out safe on the road. But as we age, certain parts of driving may become more difficult. It’s important for our seniors to know safety tips as well. Roadway Insurance, a MAIF auto Maryland provider, offers some senior driving tips for aging drivers to stay safe.

Get Your Eyesight and Hearing Checked

Two of the biggest things to be impacted by age are eyesight and hearing. It’s important to get both of these things checked regularly. Many people find that they’re unable to see well at night as they get older. This is crucial for driving when it’s dark and ensuring that you aren’t putting you or any other drivers in danger.

Seeing helps us to determine when to stop and go at traffic signals. Recognizing brake lights ahead gives a heads up that the car in front of us is stopping. You want to keep out for anything suddenly moving into your path, like pedestrians or animals.

Hearing is also important. While you may think you don’t use it too much while driving, it’s essential to get a feel for the environment around you. Sirens and honking from other cars can alert you to dangers or hazards that you may not be able to see yet.

Clear Things Up With Your Doctor

There are certain health conditions and prescription medications that may make it harder to drive. Many medications have a side effect of making you drowsy. Certain conditions may also make it hard to stay awake or contribute to involuntary muscle movement. None of these things make for safe driving. Talk to your doctor to make sure none of your medications or conditions diminish your safety while driving.

Take a Refresher Course

Over time, traffic and driving laws may change. They may not be the same as when you started driving. Consider taking a refresher driver course for senior citizens. You may be able to find these courses through a program that caters to older adults, or a community education program.

In some instances, taking a course like this may help you get a discount on your MAIF car insurance, depending on the policy. There are many incentives to ensure you’re driving safely.

Know Your Limitations

If you often become confused while you’re driving or others have expressed worry about your driving, it’s important to know when to stop. You don’t want to put yourself or anyone else on the road in danger when you know you shouldn’t be on the road. Safety comes before all else.

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