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Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween Driver Safety TipsHalloween is coming up this weekend, and we want to encourage all Maryland drivers to practice safe driving to protect themselves and their community members this Halloween. MAIF Insurance Online is your point of contact for affordable auto insurance coverage no matter what. Here are our best tips for staying safe on the road this Halloween:

Watch The Road

Trick-or-treaters will fill the neighborhoods this Halloween in their spookiest costumes. If you are driving around during trick-or-treating hours, make sure to keep your eyes on the road as kids may be running on the sidewalks or trying to cross the street. Some kids may not have access to neighborhoods and will be out and about on busier streets, meaning that anywhere you drive during trick-or-treating hours, you will need to take extra precautions. Keep all cellphones out of reach and lower your music so that you can hear if children are nearby. Distracted driving is one of the quickest ways to ruin your Halloween, so make sure that you are totally focused behind the wheel this weekend.

Follow Parking Guidelines

Many parents will be driving their families around to different neighborhoods to enjoy trick-or-treating. However, it’s important to follow parking guidelines to avoid illegal, unsafe parking patterns. Do not block anyone’s driveway when stopping in a new neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Additionally, make sure that you are not parking in residential parking zones or designated spots for those who live in the area that you are trick-or-treating. Finally, make sure that you are locking your car when you exit the vehicle, and never park in an area that seems unsafe. It’s important to stay near your vehicle so that you do not lose track of where you parked your car in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Slow Down

We understand that trick-or-treating hours are limited, and that you may be in a rush to get to where you need to be for the Halloween festivities. However, it’s important to watch your speed during Halloween weekend. Driving too fast often leads to more accidents, and with small children walking around, this could easily lead to the worst case scenario. Controlling your speed is essential to being a safe driver this Halloween weekend. MAIF Insurance Online wishes you a happy and safe Halloween spent with friends and family. Contact us today to learn more about safe driving discounts, as well as Maryland auto insurance options to keep you covered when you are on the road.