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3 Safety Tips for Driving In The Dark

Maryland Auto InsuranceDriving in the dark is significantly more dangerous than driving during the day due to the significant decrease in visibility. MAIF Insurance online provides affordable car insurance in Maryland to drivers who have difficulty securing insurance due to poor driving records. If you find yourself on the road after hours, we want to ensure that you know what to do to maintain your safety. Here are our best tips for keeping yourself safe and accident-free while driving in the dark:

Lights On!

Make sure that your lights are on and fully operating before heading out. Check your brake lights, turn signals, headlights, and taillights on a regular basis so that you know you can rely on them when you are on the road after hours. Don’t be afraid to utilize your high-beams. As long as you turn them off when you come into contact with another vehicle on the road, high beams can be very helpful if you are driving in rural areas or on open roads. Having fully functional vehicle lighting will help you see the road even when it is dark outside. Additionally, this will allow for other drivers to have visibility of you and all four corners of your vehicle. If you find that glares from other vehicles’ lights bother your eyes significantly, you may need to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor to help you see more clearly while night driving.

Keep Emergency Materials On Hand

It can be very startling to find yourself in an emergency situation, especially during after hours. Keeping some emergency materials on hand in your car can be the difference between making a bad situation even worse. We recommend keeping a first-aid kit in your car at all times. Additionally, consider keeping some routine car maintenance tools such as jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, and tow rope. Extreme weather or traffic conditions can keep you on the road a lot longer than you intended to be. Additional comfort items like nonperishable snacks, water bottles, and a spare phone charger can make a huge difference in keeping yourself calm and comfortable while in an unanticipated situation.

Drive Safely

You’ll need to be more aware of your fellow drivers if you find yourself on the road at night. People may be driving drowsy or, worse, driving drunk during after hours. Never get behind the wheel if you are feeling impaired in any way, as it is already dangerous enough to drive at night. Turning the radio on, rolling the windows down, or talking to yourself can help you stay alert and attentive when driving at night. Drive slower at night then you would at night to make up for the decrease in visibility and reaction time that you may need. If you are in need of affordable car insurance in Maryland, MAIF Insurance Online is here to help you. We also offer 24/7 roadway assistance when customers join the Roadway Motor Club. Learn more about the Roadway Motor Club, and request a free MAIF quote today.