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Halloween Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians

This Halloween, we want to ensure that drivers and pedestrians stay safe. Driving through neighborhoods or crossing roads carefully can ensure everyone stays safe trick or treating or navigating the roads. At MAIF Insurance Online, we work with drivers to find the right insurance for their vehicles. Being a safe driver protects yourself and others and can keep insurance rates low. As a pedestrian, you want to keep yourself and others safe when trick or treating. Here, we will review tips for drivers and pedestrians to stay safe this Halloween season.

Halloween Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians

Halloween Tips from MAIF Insurance Online

Stay safe this Halloween season. If you are driving on Halloween:

  • Don’t Drink and Drive: If you need to get back home, call a Lyft or Uber. You can also have a designated sober friend to drive you back home.
  • Slow Down: Stay at or below the speed limit in your neighborhood. You never know when you will need to stop suddenly.
  • Look For Pedestrians: Not all pedestrians will cross at crosswalks. Scan the sides of the road for trick-or-treaters so you will be prepared to stop if someone jaywalks.
  • Don’t Use Your Phone: If you need to use GPS, turn up the volume on your phone for directions so you don’t need to look at your phone. Additionally, if you’re playing music, pick a playlist so you don’t have to look for songs to play while you’re driving.
  • Turn On Your Headlights: Because sunset is so early, you will need to turn on your headlights earlier than usual. As the sun sets, you should turn on your headlights so you can properly see pedestrians and other cars on the road.

If you are a pedestrian on Halloween:

  • Avoid Jaywalking: Drivers may not be able to see you cross when you jaywalk. Cross at crosswalks and stop signs, and make sure that drivers stop for you before crossing.
  • Bring a Light: Using a flashlight or the light of your phone when walking will make it easier to see where you’re going. The light will also help drivers see you more easily.
  • Look Both Ways: While it may seem simple, looking both ways before crossing is always a good idea. You never know when a car is coming.
  • Supervise Your Children: If you are trick-or-treating with your child, always supervise them. Ensure they cross with you at crosswalks and don’t run across the street.
  • Walk In Groups: Keeping everyone in your group together will also increase your visibility. Make sure that everyone is in your group before you go to the next house.

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