Why You Should Choose Us

Many people are struggling to find auto insurance to match their income and past vehicle history. Auto insurance can become a burden because private companies will not insure certain persons, or will only offer insurance at extremely high rates.

The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF) was created in order to provide those in the state of Maryland with the insurance they need at reasonable rates. Roadway Auto Insurance, a branch of under the MAIF, is the number one customer service branch. RAI will be able to answer any of your questions or concerns and can assist you in finding the correct insurance policy for you. RAI can also help with and of your FR-19 and SR-22 needs. By contacting MAIF today you will be able to receive a quote on your car insurance today.

MAIF was designed so that those who can not obtain auto insurance can unburden themselves. MAIF works with you to design an insurance policy that will fit for you. You can call or go online to find out more about MAIF and to get a free quote on your insurance today.

Private insurance agencies are riddled with caveats – hidden fees, fine print embedded within their contracts. Dealing with private insurance companies can be an extreme hassle, especially when you go through the pains to make negotiations, only to find that they will not insure you. MAIF help rid you of the troubles that come with private insurance companies. The only things you need in order to work with MAIF are proof that you are a resident of the state of Maryland, as well as a Maryland driver’s license or registration.

MAIF has been providing its customers with insurance since 1972. MAIF is there specifically to unburden those who can not obtain insurance through private means. Please call or go online to get a free quote on your insurance today so you can get back on the road worry free.

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