MAIF is Great Insurance for the Tough to Insure

Maryland has exceptionally strict rules regarding automobile insurance. A driver cannot get a driver’s license without having auto insurance. Owners of uninsured automobiles are heavily fined for allowing their insurance to lapse. However, auto insurance in the private insurance market is not available to everyone. The state recognized this fact and in 1972 created a fund for the purpose of insuring motorists that could not obtain such insurance from private insurers. The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF) is an insurance program administered by the state of Maryland and it is funded from the premiums that are paid into the program.

An individual wanting to be insured by MAIF must meet certain criteria and prove their eligibility. An applicant should be a resident of the state of Maryland or an active duty member of any branch of the armed forces of the United States. An applicant can be an employee of the United States Public Health Service or a student enrolled in an accredited school, college, or university. If an individual is serving a medical internship, they are also eligible to apply.

Applicants are also required to have a Maryland driver’s license which can be a problem if you are trying to get insurance in order to obtain a license. A person must have insurance to obtain a Maryland driver’s license and must have a license to apply for MAIF. This situation will arise if a license from a previous state expired before a license was obtained in Maryland. Fortunately, an insurance agent can help applicants work through this dilemma. The other requirement before a person can apply for MAIF is that an individual must have been turned down for automobile insurance coverage by two companies for a reason other than non-payment.

MAIF is available to any driver whose insurance company cancelled their policy. The cancellation might have been due to excessive accidents, DUIs or as a result of excess points on their driving record. Insurance companies will quite often ask parents to remove teenagers from their policy as a result of the teen’s driving records. Insurance agents will recommend MAIF for the teens in order to keep the teens insured and the parents as a happy customer. MAIF will not insure motorcycles or scooters. MAIF insurance is available from most insurance agents.

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