MAIF Insurance: Who Needs It?

Every U.S. driver is required to have a driver’s license and proof of auto insurance; but what can you do if your driving record is so damaged that no insurance company will touch you? Or if your premium would be so high that you’d never be able to pay it? Driving without insurance is not an option. In those cases, if you are a Maryland resident, you are probably eligible for insurance through MAIF.

MAIF stands for “Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund”. MAIF, a government agency, provides automobile insurance for any resident of Maryland who has been repeatedly turned down by private insurers. Essentially, if you are a Maryland resident with a Maryland driver’s license, and you own or lease a car registered in Maryland, then you are eligible for insurance through MAIF as long as you can demonstrate that at least two private insurance companies have turned you down because of your record or any other factor besides actually getting behind on your payments.

MAIF insurance is available in many different levels of liability, which is the amount of damage you’d be covered for in case of another car accident. The State of Maryland requires a minimum liability coverage of “30/60/15”. That means up to $30,000 covering bodily injury per person, $60,000 covering bodily injury in total, and $15,000 covering property damage. That would be the cheapest legal option under MAIF… but MAIF also offers a number of slightly more expensive premiums which offer more liability coverage: up to 100,000/300,000/100,000.

The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund doesn’t turn down clients because of their prior driving record, although they do ask about it when you apply. Your driving record may still factor into your insurance premium. However, MAIF is specifically designed to cover only drivers with poor driving records, such as repeated traffic violations, DUIs, or prior accidents, which private insurance companies refuse to cover.

If you are one of these drivers, and you live and drive in Maryland, then MAIF auto insurance may be the right choice for you!

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