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Need Maryland Car Insurance for that New Car?

The holiday season is a popular time to buy a new car! Along with this purchase, drivers need to obtain car insurance. If you have been rejected by other insurance companies due to a bad driving record, you will qualify for MAIF.

Established in 1972 for Maryland drivers who do not have or cannot obtain car insurance with traditional carriers, MAIF is available to ALL drivers in the state of Maryland.

Recent laws now allow undocumented Maryland residents to obtain MAIF and MAIF now offers a convenient and more cost effective payment plan.

Contact us to get a FREE insurance quote- our representatives can answer your questions and help you get on the road – or back on the road- with MAIF insurance. Our agents will help you find the coverage you  need within your budget, and they will offer tips and advice for reducing your future premiums!

Don’t let your new car sit in your driveway because you do not have car insurance- contact MAIF and get moving again.

Driving without insurance will result in fines and the loss of both license and registration- and can be subject to further  court imposed punishment.

Don’t get behind the wheel of your new car without calling MAIF and establishing an insurance policy that will meet the minimum requirements issued by the state of Maryland.