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Fall driving tips: auto safety for inclement weather!

Winter weather is approaching and the fall season is the perfect time to assess the condition of your car and be sure you have some emergency essentials on board- just in case!

Your MAIF insurance agent reminds you of the benefits of safe driving: lower premiums! Follow these driving safety tips to keep you and your family safe while on the road this fall and winter:Maryland auto safety with MAIF insurance

  • Check to be sure your gas tank is full if bad weather is predicted while you are traveling- we recommend staying OFF the road during winter weather events that will cause icy or snowy conditions.
  • Be sure you have all season tires before the winter weather arrives!
  • Check to see if your tires are properly inflated: under or over inflated tires can be driving hazard during wet or slippery conditions.
  • Keep a blanket, flashlight, first aid kit and small tool kit and a small shovel in the trunk in case of an emergency during winter weather.
  • Drive a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you to allow for adequate stopping time.
  • Follow posted speed limits, especially on ramps and windy roads.

Maintaining a safe driving record will lead to a reduced car insurance premium – it pays to drive safe! Contact a MAIF agent to discuss your insurance policy and see how you can save money.