Avoid Insurance Fraud

Upset driverInsurance fraud is a serious crime with serious consequences. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund has delegated a Special Investigations Unit to target and deter insurance fraud. Many people don’t realize the lasting impact insurance fraud has, or how serious the consequences can be. It’s estimated that because of insurance fraud all policyholders premiums are raised by as much as $300 annually.

Don’t be a victim of insurance fraud. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund has you covered, contact an agent today to make sure you’re applying for car insurance that is best for you. MAIF won’t turn you away, no matter what.

What Counts as Fraud?

Many people don’t even realize that they are participating in insurance fraud. It’s important to understand that any false claim on your insurance, is fraud.

Insurance fraud is more than just false claims of injury or accident. Damaging insurance fraud can be as simple as lying about the mileage you drive each year on your vehicle, or including existing damage when reporting a claim. All of these small lies add up creating higher premiums for you and other consumers.

Contact An Agent To Avoid Fraud

If you have any questions about applying for insurance correctly, make sure you contact a Maryland Auto Insurance Fund Agent. All of our agents are experts in insurance, and will help you get the appropriate coverage for your vehicles within your budget. Don’t forget to ask your agent about payment plans, and other benefits of MAIF.

What Do I Do If Suspect Insurance Fraud

You can help fight insurance fraud. If you suspect fraud, contact local law enforcement, Maryland Auto Insurance or the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
NICB Hotline: 1-800-TEL-NICB
Maryland Auto Insurance Hotline: 1-800-500-0333
Hotline Calls are Free and Anonymous

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